Here is the Lost Saga History, of how it progressed.

Korean Lost SagaEdit

This game originally started out as a Korean game, but then changed over time, expanding to places like Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and the United States. We all started out with 23 characters, then the Koreans made more and more.


The United States version was published under the company OGPlanet. They published all sorts of games. The community was pretty good, they had biweekly updates for new characters. Closed Beta allowed only 4 characters, and the same for Open Beta. Finally, the release came, then our first released character. OGPlanet looked very happy, and had all sorts of stuff like treasure capsules, new heroes, different styles, and new gears. In the early stages, they would release two heroes into the treasure capsules, before it was fully released. The community kept on going, and going, and we had wild events like the Anniversarys that had grand prizes to give away. Shortly after the 3rd anniversary, Lost Saga reached the character Baek Dong Soo, a master swordsman. He was the last character ever released in OGP. The community had not gotten some updates, until they finally told us that they were shutting down! It was scheduled for Februrary 25th, then brought to January 15th. WeMade's website was already up for it, then told us that the new release would be on Februrary 26th. They had delayed it to April 11th. Hours became days, and days became weeks, until the release! Everyone was very happy, and they went back on. OGPlanet had released it for Europe, but since then, WeMade hasn't let Europeans play again.

WeMade USAEdit

Open Beta had began, and everyone was rushing on, although, not everything was the same. The HQ had expanded, we had gotten all the reforms, and all of the skill names were changed. They had bad translations, so some skill like the Cyber Sniping Circlet, the skills name was, in OGP, "One Shot". They had changed that to, "Just one shot.." They had gone into commercial release, on May 2nd. All the skill names were now decent. Everyone was still leveling up. Some maps had become unreleased, and all premiums out. In the commercial release, they released Champion Mode, and they released Iori Yagami, our first premium. Since then, all updates have been biweekly, they release a character, then a gear the following week, and repeat.